Microlight Introductory Flights 輕航機體驗飛行

Fulfill your dream of flying like a bird!! Come join us for a thrilling introductory flight over beautiful Pattaya with our experienced pilots. This is the flight for those who just want to find out what flying is about. We will fly from the airfield along the beach, attractions and buildings and back. Being airborne in a two-seated microlight is life-changing experience 對於所有嚮往飛行的朋友,我將會帶您從這個飛行場全速起飛-爬昇-轉向,您會看到芭達雅最高的大樓和和繁榮的城市,也會帶您沿著美麗的海岸飛行,在這個雙座動力三角翼裡,您的人生將有全然不同的經驗。

What's Included?

Pilot Training

Do you enjoy flying? Good news! You can fly too! Take our training pilot program and we'll help you to fulfill your dream. Standard pilot program is 25 hours. Please contact us to discuss training options suitable for you.

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Paramotor Introductory Flights

Nobody forgets their first paramotor flight. The sensation of flying over trees, lakes and buildings is unique and inspires a feeling of being in another world.This is an adventure that anyone can enjoy! Please contact us for more


Aerial Photography

With the advent of PPG, the easiest, most affordable, practical, versatile, light and simple motorized aviation sport in the world we can utilize this sport for more than just fun. The PPG creates the perfect platform for arial photographers and radiographers to bring out their creative minds at an extremely affordable price. If you haven´t considered the possibility of aerial photography and videography because of the high costs associated with aviation, PPG is the affordable option that everyone can do.

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