An experienced instructor who since childhood dreamed to fly.

PicMonkey Collagekhkjk

I remember when I was a little boy I used to dream about flying, but it was impossible. Just a dream. How could I fly?
When I was in a car I used to put my hand out of the window to feel the breeze on my skin and imagine I was flying like a bird. Free to fly wherever I wanted.
Then something incredible happened – I saw a parachute in the sky. I was very excited! What was it? How could I do this too?
So I went to the Easton Sports Flying Club in Pattaya and decided to take a paramotor flying course.
Now I am living my dream. I am flying. Since I graduated I have been to these events all over the world:

Fly Paramotor
Thailand Paramotor Competition
Malaysia Paragliding Accuracy World Cup
Philippines International Ballon Fiesta
China Competiton Paramotor
Thailand King Cup Paramotor
Czech Republic World Paramotor
China Competiton Paramotor & Flying Show
Philippines International BalloonFfiesta & Flying Show Paramotor
Malaysia Paragliding Accuracy World Cup & Flying Show Paramotor
Australia Paragliding & paramotor traveling
Cambodia Flying Show Microlight Countdown to New Year
Ukraine Zakarpattia Paragliding Travelling
Russia Crimea Paragliding Travelling
Fly Paramotor Taiwan ( Tainan ) Fly Paramotor Japan ( Nagoya )