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PPG creates the perfect opportunity for both experienced and novice photographers or videographers to relise there dream whether its for a large budget shoots or just your own home video YouTube shoots.

With the option of tandem flights you are free to control your camera with both hands and take the shot you want while easily communicating with your pilot you are able to direct him to the exact location where your perfect composition will become a reality.

Paramotors can be air borne in as little as 15 meters / 50 feet (depending on weather conditions), this allows for some very unique flying conditions, runways and airports are a thing of the past and large commercial setups are not needed.

Once airborne the PPG can navigate all types of terrain from very steep mountainous areas to the low lands of rice terraces and flood lands.

With a maximum range of 3 hours you are free to experience a ride of a life time while still being able to get the shots you need. To utilize the PPG for and land on smaller sites imaginable.

It is the greatest achievement of the century Motorized Aviation. The major companies that use aerial photography services are advertising agencies, construction companies, real estate, architecture, surveying, mapping, archaeology, design, printing, business groups who want aerial images of its facilities, landscapes etc.

In addition, the variant of aerial photography landscape can introduce the product to the general public as a decoration in their homes, thus extending the number of people demanding the product.

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